Arena: Small Stuff

14 June 18.00 – 21.00

15, 16 June 11.00 – 17.00

Small stuff, curated by Andrea Herrada, brings together new work by Laura O’Neill, Owen Lacey, Lara Kenworthy, Alice Turner and Antonio de la Hera. Through their numerous artistic approaches – including sculpture, video and performance– the show visualises an unlikely (and not wholly affirmed) statement; whereby the relation of practice &/or process of the artist becomes a focal point within the works.

Laura O’Neill’s crudely made objects exist between the familiar and the strange. Rather than hide the process of making, the lumpy objects reveal a wonderful awkwardness and have become undermined by their own vulnerability.

Owen Lacey’ s work is based around the journey of attempting to be recognised as an artist. Most of his practice is based around himself and relentlessly promoting his work to the public. With made up quotes that are extremely arrogant and confident statements, Owen Lacey tells the world he is THE BEST ARTIST in the world.

Lara Kenworthy’s work focuses on notions of ephemeral innovation, in which the consideration of sculpture as a functional object is tested in specific spaces or to assist staged performances. Her piece ‘(I made a video in Wales of a bed giving birth to me.)’ brings together Japanese horror, film and the domestic.

Alice Turner is an artist interested in the formulation of myths and creating her own process of historicisation. She celebrates her life and those around her through the publication of zines and home mix tapes.

Helen Savage explores the function of text and its explicit nature. By working within permissible space of another artist’s practice, Antonio de la Hera moulds the framework of another´s aesthetic language to explore the possibility of something novel.