Arena Gallery – Neither/Nor

15 – 30 September 2010

The artists featured in Neither/Nor explore painting as an experimental site in which the traditional criteria by which painting has come to be defined, e.g. pigment applied to a surface/support, the authentic touch of the artist, have all but been expunged.  Artists: Maggie Ayliffe, Caroline Cleary, Brendan Fletcher, Simon Harris and Alistair Payne.

Painting that is neither/nor.  The exhibition aims to explore the philosophical and theoretical underpinning of the artists work, drawing upon gender, otherness and inter-disciplinarity, as they attempt to rethink and redefine the task of painting.

Maggie Ayliffe’s paintings explore the production, space and narrative of abstraction as a gendered site subject to subversion by the feminine.  Caroline Cleary’s work presents painting as a more fluid and dynamic spatial construct in film animations.  Brendan Fletcher creates mass produced, industrially fabricated, vacuum formed plastic icons.  Simon Harris‘ gestural abstractions problematise the very nature of the figure/ground relationship and Alistair Payne’s dematerialised ‘paintings’ and installations challenge the very definition of a painting practice.

Conversations in Painting is a curatorial project initiated by the artists Maggie Ayliffe, Brendan Fletcher and Alistair Payne with the express aim to create opportunities for engagement and  dialogue with painting as a contemporary art practice.