Arena – Folkloristics

arena-baltic-100Arena – Folkloristics
11 -19 September 2009

Exhibition presented by Baltic in collaboration with Arena Art & Design Association.  Baltic is a coalition between two Liverpool based artists, Anna Benson and Roisin Hyland. Folkloristics is the culmination of new collaborative work.

Roisin Hyland works mostly in collage creating three dimensional forms and installations. Her work looks at thoughts and memories that co-exist together living in a bleak, uneasy cohesion. Using found and discarded materials, combined with references from forgotten girls comics she is able to manipulate the significance of her thoughts creating new meaning with a narrative text. Teetering on collapse her work is gently pinned or placed together and its fragile existence may disintegrate at any time.

Anna  Benson paints on found materials, exploring the ideas of mataphores and folktales in the animal kingdom. She is currently working as a Co-director of Arena art and design studios in Liverpool.


This showcase also marks the launch of Arena Gallery Projects, shorter events that complement our exhibition programme.

For more information visit:

Exhibition open: 11.00 – 17.00

Enter through Leaf Tea Shop & Bar, Elevator Building, 27 Parliament Street
Press buzzer on back wall near lift to call Gallery.


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