Arena: Equinox – Chiz Turnross

Arena: Equinox – Chiz Turnross

16 March- 25 March

Viewing: 22 March 19:00

From Friday 16th to Sunday 25th March Chiz Turnross will be taking over the Arena Gallery for Equinox.  The show will unravel by the artist carrying out his practice in the space, with the public invited to come and see his creative process and in a back to front twist, the show will culminate in a private view on Thursday 22nd March.  Equinox turns our interest to the making of Turnross’s work, the materials he uses and the ‘by products’ of his processes.
Turnross works with gloss paint, video and music and this gallery takeover shows no bounds.  In his first exploration, he will be taking rubbings from manhole covers within a 200 metre radius of the building and adapting these into musical scores. 
If you’re still unsure about exactly what’s going to happen during Equinox, you’re not the only one, but that’s what we’re excited about.


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