qhhY-mzl7WPxV2LI_xaqIvCRh7qoChyw3Q7EFmJKQUU,EWNZ2nm6IBhEAur9kr64FtKvTZ-sPh-X9X7Wq7F7AaE,LHyOsKDxLlvLl4LFKRl4FxcrbgUBV0pkuqEQnO6_rQ4Thursday 3 – Sat 5 October

10:00 – 20:00

Foyer, FACT

Visit the festival hub at FACT for latest news on events, maps and ticket information.

AND Hub will be located in the FACT foyer this year alongside the new pop-up cinema space, designed by RAAD, a Liverpool-based architecture and urban design collective.

In this intimate space look out for a daily programme of talks, events and screenings, where audiences can come together with artists, creators, scientists and technologists to hear about their inspirations and visions. Expect to see:

Ellie Harrison (Bring Back British Rail) and Los Ferranautus (SEFT) on the Future of Transport; The contentious documentary on the founders of pirate bay with, The Pirate Bay: Away from the Keyboard; Geoff Cox and artists Telekommunisten on tactics to Disrupt Businessand taketheopportunityto get a closer look at the personal story of Hedy Lamarr, with the initimate and personal documentary Calling Hedy Lamarr.

Join us for drinks and a chance to meet the artists, AND team and make new festival friends, at 17.00 on Friday and Saturday at FACT


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