Ailie Rutherford at the National Wildflower Centre

Wednesday 27 March, Thursday 28 March, Wednesday 3 April & Thursday 4 April

10.00 – 14.00

Free Entry

National Wildflower Centre, Court Hey Park, Roby Road, Knowsley, Liverpool L16 3NA

As part of our ‘Making an Impact’ outreach project, artist Ailie Rutherford will be taking on a 4 week residency at the National Wildflower Centre. During this time, participants will be able to take part in creating a model of the future, by communicating with the plants…
Ailie Rutherford’s practice is fuelled by dialogues on the future of places, utopias and dystopias. Through the use of mysterious pseudo-psychic experiments, she initiates automatic drawing inviting people to depict their desires, aspirations and dreams. Recent works have explored the bizarre evidence that plants have an ability to preconceive events, transmitting that knowledge to humans.
For her residency at National Wildflower Centre, Ailie will be inviting participants to tap into the clairvoyant abilities of plants and work together to build a clay model of our shared visions of the future.
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