AIRSPACE: Situational Aesthetics

unnamed-17 – 9 March

Exhibition open daily 12.00 – 17.00 (8 – 9 March)

Private View 7 March, 20.00 featuring performative interventions and live sitcom-themed music.

1. Situation Comedy – a humorous drama based on situations that might arise in day-to-day life.

2. A form of programming designed to educate and confuse the young, exposing them to the realities of life as a humiliating and circuitous experience.

SITUATIONAL AESTHETICS explores British situation comedies of the late 20th century, appropriating and re-purposing existing material to weave alternate narratives and scenarios around characters and settings, allowing familiar tropes and scenes to prompt works that expose the ever-present subtexts of humiliation and thwarted desire.



Exhibiting Artists:

Michael Lacey, Laura Rushton, Oscar Godfrey, Laura Yuile, Golden Harvest Industries, Jack McConville, Sean Wars, Christopher Lawson, Tessa Norton, Mike Aitken, Will Daw, Robert Atkinson

AIRSPACE 45 – 61 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1