PARTIA: Anne Brierley

6 November – 18 January 2012

Exhibition Opens 12.00pm Tuesday November 6th –Friday 18th January

Outside restaurant and on 1st floor outside  HAC (Heart Assessment Centre)


Anne Brierley grew up in Fazakerley but is now based in Birmingham.

A freelance artist with an extensive portfolio of work which includes

Aintree – One Tree in the foyer of the Elective Care,

Anne also lectures in Fine Art at BMet  College, Sutton Coldfield.


Anne’s work often depicts nature and this most recent exhibition has been inspired

by her life living on a narrow boat and the change in the pace of life.


Anne has donated ‘Flowering Rush 1’  for the BIG Art DRAW to be drawn in January

Oil on Canvas – 41cm X 41cm (Tickets £1.00 available from 8480 or


Artist Statement


These paintings are part of a series based on time spent living on and travelling in a narrow boat.


Narrow boats move slowly, you have time to enjoy the view and your awareness of the change of weather, seasons, insect and

plant life and the night sky and the waxing and waning of the moon is heightened.


I think I became a little like a sponge soaking up visual information which then leaked out into my paintings.


Initially these were paintings about canal side plants, but I found that other colours, shapes and found materials

that referenced the vivid colours and rust of the boats, the interior wood fittings of the boat and the repeating

shapes of the canal – spans of bridges, locks and towpaths are all found somewhere in this work.




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