Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust – Stephen Collett ‘The Collection 2010’

stephen-collett-100Stephen Collett ‘The Collection 2010’
24 June – 21 July 2010
(For viewing, call 0151-529 8480 for appointment)
2009 was an exciting year for Stephen Collett with international exhibitions in Berlin, New York and Shanghai achieving outstanding reviews. The Liverpool artist now continues his year which promises to be every bit as successful with his touring showcase ‘The Collection 2010’ previewing of a variety of paintings selected to represent the series of international exhibits that he has planned for 2010/11 including further venues in New York, Ljubljana and Paris.

‘The Collection 2010’ focuses mainly on his latest cityscape pieces which combine Collett’s two main loves, Art and Architecture.  In past shows, Collett has demonstrated his passion for painting form free from convention, In ‘The Collection 2010’ he now shows us that he is able to visually capture the essence of a cityscape by painting the subtle behaviour of light that surrounds it.

‘It is my belief that the constant metamorphosis of a city should be celebrated in such a way that reflects the key factors that shape its future’.
-Stephen Collett

Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Ward 48/Electronic Data Management Suite
Eighth Avenue, near old site car park.

Stephen Collett


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