Aintree Hospital: ‘Thrive’

14 July – 9 September 2011 at Aintree Hospital. ‘Thrive’ A Collaboration of  Photography And 3D Artwork
Lunchtime Viewing Thursday 14th July 12.00- 14.00
Artist Available for Discussion

Kerry Threadgill
Kerry is a conceptual photographer; absorbed by ideas of space, predominantly urban and domestic settings.
Kerry’s work is enticed by the desire to photograph an alternative reality, using Photography as a means of escapism.

Sally Boulton
Sally’s 3D work focuses on the juxtaposition of bold imagery; along with strong colours she creates the feeling that the work is shouting out from the canvas
Sally’s photographs were taken whilst spending an evening up in Sipi Falls in Uganda,

Phase 2 Corridor / First Floor Aintree Lodge
(Near Heart Assessment Centre)

This Month’s ‘Big Art Draw’
Will Launch at Exhibition
This Month’s Prize
Two Original Signed Photography Prints

(See Image Above)
By Exhibiting Artists Kerry Threadgill & Sally Boulton

Raffle to be drawn Friday 9th September 3pm
Tickets only £1.00

For more information Contact PARTIA
(Promoting Art in Aintree)
Via email


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