A Foundation – Fantasy Studio Project

imageFantasy Studio Project. 20 September to 30 November 2008
The Fantasy Studio Project will provide an insight into seven Korean contemporary artists’ creative processes by revealing the transitory moments of production. The project will not reconstruction each artists’ studio in any literal sense, but pose liminal spaces that allow the reinterpretation of the exhibition venue as a site were the artists’ practice ‘bleeds and blends’ with the building itself.


Artists:  Kyungwoo Chun,Yeondoo Jung, Yongbaek Lee, Junebum Park, Hyun-Mi Yoo, Young In Hong, Sookyung Yee

imageKyungwoo Chun presents his ‘Thousands’ project, consisting of one thousand portrait post-cards of individuals from the Chinese mainland who all share the same surname as himself. Yeondoo Jung’s video work ‘ Documentary Nostalgia’ depicts a series of artificial landscapes derived from autobiographical scenarios and reconstructed as a succession of cinematic set-pieces.

Yongbaek Lee presents a new ‘mirror sculpture’, employing interactive digital imaging in a technique that the artist has developed over the last 4 years. Also present is his video ‘Angel Soldiers’. Junebum Park shows 3 new video pieces, produced during a series of performances that the artist staged on-site at A foundation immediately prior to the exhibition opening.

Hyun-Mi Yoo paints directly onto domestic interiors in a manor that makes physical space resemble representation. In her studio, Yoo reveals the processes behind her articulation of reality and fiction. Young In Hong’s embroidery draws on monumental sculptures and iconography. She combines these disparate elements to comment on the reinterpretation of cultural imagery when presented in a different social context. Sookyung Yee has worked with people from the city of Liverpool to establish the city’s ‘Very Best Statue’, using the results of a survey that invited participants to choose from a range of physical attributes.


Fantasy Studio project is presented by SUUM Contemporary Art Project (www.suumproject.com) with the collaboration of A Foundation. The project is curated by Jiyoon Lee and assistant curator Tomas Harold. It is kindly sponsored by the Art Council of Korea and Samsung Electronics.