A Foundation – DaDaFest 2008

imageDaDaFest 08 Exhibitions. 22 August to 7 September 2008
DaDaFest International 2008 has expanded its programme to include artists from around the globe with innovative and experimental work plus the popular classics returning to wow audiences from previous festivals.
Includes: Ju Gosling, Gus Cummins, Wolfgang Temmel, Tanye Raabe.

The festival includes an exhibition by a photographer with no legs who uses a skateboard to get around, beautiful aerial dance pieces using crutches, a learning disabled punk band, a real live mermaid and much more.


Galleries within the A Foundation will be open from August 22nd to 7th September 2008 displaying the work of the following artists:

Ju Gosling

Abnormal results from a residency at the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR). Funded by the Wellcome Trust, it explores normality. It is a fantastic mixed media exhibition musing on the medical profession’s definitions of normality and proposing a new “Scientific Model of Disability” – a fabulously challenging and confrontational work.

Tanya Raabe

At DaDaFest Tanya Raabe presents ‘Who’S WhO – Defining the Faces of an Arts Movement’, a collection of portraits challenging the notion of portraiture using disability aesthetics and visual language. Join Tanya as she creates a new painting of a well-known face, on site and don’t miss Artist in Conversation with Tanya and Julie McNamara.


Wolfgang Temmel

In 1983 the Austrian artist Wolfgang Temmel wrote “An Art History”.
This work consists of a few lines and represents nothing but the description of the creative process. Wolfgang is translating this into all languages (around 2,000!) including, for DaDaFest, into BSL. These videos will be shown on public video walls during the festival in



Alison Jones

This sound installation will be produced from a series of audio-interpretations of selected work including erotic drawings by Gustav Klimt, which have been at Tate Liverpool from 30th May to 31st August. Klimt’s work, much of which was created for the male gaze, will be described from the female perspective, employing the female gaze to undertake voyeurism by proxy to the non-sighted female artist.


imageGus Cummins

Gus is a visual artist who is a previous winner of a DaDaFest Visual artist award. This year, we present his short film – Ictal. A short film about the invisible condition of epilepsy, a largely invisible disability. This will be presented at The A throughout the Festival with Gus giving an artist’s talk on the Saturday evening.

See DaDaFest website for full programme