A Foundation – Artur Zmijewski ‘Following Bauhaus’

Artur-Zmijewski-100Artur Zmijewski ‘Following Bauhaus’
2 July – 14 August 2010

A Foundation presents Artur Zmijewski‘s first UK commission produced during a residency within the historically and politically resonant city of Liverpool. After holding a number of meetings with the various groups that make up Liverpool’s art community, Zmijewski set up a ‘pop-up art school’ that would attempt to explore and reconfigure art’s relationship to wider society. Hosted by the existing School of Fine Art & Design at LJMU, the pop-up school was modelled on the Bauhaus established in Weimar by Walter Gropius in 1919.

Zmijewski is well-known for his use of the workshop as a site to explore social and political stratification, and his use of art to enable groups who appear to occupy fixed positions to find paths through difficult relationships with their supposed adversaries. Solutions are never guaranteed but the journey’s are both compelling and revealing. In Liverpool, techniques frequently utilised at the Bauhaus such as drawing using both hands, presenting colour by the posture of the body and collective building become the conduit through which participants are encouraged to analyse their relationship to art, and to each other.

In the Furnace gallery at A Foundation, Zmijewski will present a new video work that documents the project, along with a number of materials that resulted from the process.

On Saturday 3rd July from 1-5pm, the students from the pop-p school will complete the circle of their Bauhaus experience by facilitating a series of workshops for visitors to the gallery.

Galleries open Tuesday – Saturday 12-6pm. Free entry

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