A Foundation – Artists Anonymous

imageArtists Anonymous: Communication and Association. Exhibition: 20 September – 30 November 2008
Within their complex and often disorientating installations, Berlin based collective Artists Anonymous explicitly acknowledge the means by which art is created, and the whirl of social events and intellectual debates that accompany it.

In Communication & Association, the artists play on A Foundation’s role within the Liverpool Biennial as host of the official opening party as well as a series of discussions, social events and performances, by creating a labyrinthine installation specifically designed to have a disruptive influence on the proceedings.

imageCommunication & Association consists of seven interconnected, freestanding rooms each representing an extreme environment for experiencing art. Inside the construction, paintings and scientific texts can be viewed amid a variety of uncomfortable conditions such as wild temperature fluctuations; a room in negative; low ceilings and mirrored surfaces. The exterior, clad with found and recycled materials and marooned on a sandy beach in the centre of A Foundation’s 700m2 Furnace gallery, acts as a performance space and open platform over the period of the Biennial. Local people are invited to contribute unwanted household items, furniture, waste building materials and manpower to help create the structure.

Communication & Association follows Artists Anonymous’s current show Perception & Sensation at Magazin 4 Kunstverein Bregenz, Austria and will run simultaneously with their show at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Germany’s foremost Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

The public discussion, Raising The Curtain, between Biennial directors, Artists Anonymous and the International Curators Forum will take place within the exhibition on 20th September, the day after the opening party. The participants will question the role of the Biennial and the Capital of Culture and provide an open forum for discussion with the public.

For further information visit www.artists-anonymous.net