81 Renshaw: Exhibition launch: A Window on Life by Christina Coleman

24 October 2014 – 24 November 2014

Exhibition Launch 24 October, 6.30pm


This exhibition of photographs and paintings is an exploration of how we cross paths, glance over our shoulders, gaze at empty windows and in to space, encounter remnants of lives lived – wonder at lives behind closed doors, vacant spaces.

Recollections of childhood and freedom – invisible, unafraid – connectivity to the world we live in brings freedom but also fear. We high viz ourselves but no one really notices…wear hard hats but still fall over. Examine a picture of the fallen but walk away from reality. Who will remember insignificant places and personal monuments when we are gone from this fleeting life?

An Exhibition by Christina Coleman: www.christinacoleman.co.uk

Christina Grant Coleman was born in Inverness-shire, Scotland in 1951 and studied at Liverpool Community College, 2008-11 and Liverpool Hope University, 2011-14

Christina is an observer of individual isolation from a chance encounter and seeks to find colour, shape and the transference of those elements of reality and imagination to canvas, using the pull and shift of paint and pigment until form, depth and contour of an individual is established. Isolation is found, not predominantly as the viewed, but equally as the viewer. Isolation is not necessarily individual.

This exhibition constitutes the final module of an MA in Creative Practice, (Painting).


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