24 Kitchen Street: SYNDROME Session 1.2

31 May 2013
£5 entry
The Drome @ 24 Kitchen Street, Baltic Quarter
Pharmakon (Sacred Bones, US) 
Pharmakon is the project of 22 year old Margaret Chardiet. Growing out of performance, noise and punk projects at Red Light District and 568 Johnson in New York, her live performance draws on the visceral vocal work of Diamanda Galas, industrial and noise acts like Throbbing Gristle, early Swans, and Prurient – while expressing a highly individual and emotionalised, even vulnerable, new form of noise/power in electronic music. ‘Her music moves between industrialized clatter, amped-up death-rants, chilly power electronics and harrowing apocalyptic soundscapes.’ (Pitchfork)
Robert Strachan (UK)
Strachan’s interests currently lie at the intersection of electronica, drone and sound art. Recent collaborative work includes audiovisual installations exhibited at the Wordsworth Trust, Liverpool Biennial 2012, the Bluecoat and FACT.
Spirit Animals (UK)
Spirit Animals chases plenty of tasty amp banshees and illuminated canker through his labyrinth of daisy chained hardware. Sound spins out like a hex of mouth falling blisters, an enquiry of curious statics on firework ripped hearts as slurs of accordion and skeleton ethnicity weasel their way towards ever new mutations…’ (Rottenmeats)
Chris Boyd and Sam Wiehl (UK) – Live AV
Chris Boyd is a British contemporary artist whose multi-media work is preoccupied with the interrelationships with new environments, technology and modes of being. For SYNDROME he collaborates on a new piece with HIVE Visual Artist Sam Wiehl.
DJS HIVE and Youngcop (UK)


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