mothman-100Independents-short-100 Mothman Comic Book
Venues in Liverpool and Online
17 September – 30 November 2010

A comic book inspired by Tony Knox’s Dysfunctional character Mothman. Artists: Tony Knox in collaboration with Anna McDade, Steph Fletcher and Eight Patachitra masters: Anwar Chitrakar, Bahadur Chitrakar, Manu Chitrakar, Jaba Chitrakar, Yakub Chitrakar, Karuna Chitrakar, Baku Chitrakar, Suman Chitrakar.

My personal work has explored themes of icon and faded superhero, manifesting in the conception of ‘Mothman’, a six year, ongoing project exploring an almost self deprecating character of my own creation.

In this follow up to the 2008 issue Zero of the Mothman comic I collaborate with Anna McDade, and 8 Indian artists the Patachitra is ancient folk visual art of Bengal. Mothman is not a caped crusader. Nor is he a pop-hero or an insider-outsider of a meditative-profane landscape. So then who is he? I would say he is an interventionist, a shape-shifter and a constant reminder of our displacement, whether it is the loneliness of hung art in a Battersea power station, the beautiful yet grim landscape of the Pyramids or at the village of Pingla in West Bengal.

Mothman Comic Book / performances through the opening weekend.
Venues in Liverpool and Online

Part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.