Anybody there18 – 20 July

This acidic comedy about four best friends, one newly widowed, ran at the Lantern Theatre in February to packed houses.

Missing jewellery, lively furniture and bizarre knitting projects prompt a visit to local psychic Ray Fey to demand answers. Ray reveals much more about the friends’ unshared secrets than the Liverpool ladies ever expected. ‘Is Anybody Out There’ received fabulous  eviews at The Lantern and is described as ‘An achingly funny comedy about life, death and best mates.’
Leading Liverpool Theatre Critic Ian D. Hall described it as: “Beautifully captured and interesting to watch.”
Playwright John Evans
 writes for normal men and women who want a good night out, many of whom may not have ventured into a theatre before; he is proud that his plays have ‘taken the fear out of theatre’ and created many passionate theatregoers among those who tasted live performance for the first time at one of his productions. Richard Gardiner is directing once again, which John says ‘is an absolute honour.’
 L1 9BG
For tickets and information: 0844 873 2888