Biennial-touched-100image WEDNESDAY 29 September, 18.30 at Biennial Visitor Centre
Whistle in the Dark is a conversation about community radio and recorded music with Ed Baxter, programming director of the award-winning radio station Resonance FM, moderated by Glenn Boulter. Baxter riffs on Freud’s assertion that music arises from paranoia and explores the stage as a method of articulating concerns with both hygiene and currency. Touched Talks are free but booking is essential – click here to book tickets.

Ed Baxter has written for The Wire, The Guardian, Variant and The Edinburgh Review, and co-edited The Complete Works of Thomas De Quincey. Ed is an associate lecturer in Sound Arts and Design at the London College of Communication. He makes radiophonic art, usually as part of the Resonance Radio Orchestra. His recent works include ‘RadioYesterday’ (with Dan Scott) and ‘Overheard’ (with Chris Weaver). He is currently working on a conceptual audio artwork entitled ‘Score for Open-Heart Surgery on Charlie Watts’. Ed has produced hundreds of concerts with the likes of Alvin Lucier, Otomo Yoshihide, Faust and Pierre Henry. His favourite new band is Kinnie the Explorer, a group of 18-year-olds from Dorset.

Co-produced with Glenn Boulter and supported by PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Plus.

Venue: Biennial Visitor Centre (52 renshaw street, L1 4PN)