..to report today. The evening gig at Arena from the Hive electronic music guys was good last night. I’ll be back there on Wednesday night to see my favourite ‘Fiction‘ poets.
I went to the Bluecoat this afternoon but the Sachiko Abe performance starts tomorrow in the Concert hall not today, so I’ll have to call again.
Another good talk at the Loop gallery this evening, this time by Christine O’Reilly Wilson and there’s more on Friday and next Monday & Tuesday!
I hope to see the ‘Dante & Beatrice’ film by Yellow House sometime this week.
I mentioned there were a couple of weird performances at the Hello Sailor viewing the other week, Gaynor Sweeney has kindly sent me a couple of pictures she took with a mobile phone. Here’s one of Adam showing his disappointment at the result of the US elections which had just been announced.