We’ll be dipping into our extensive archives now and again. There’s been a lot of weird, wonderful and beautiful happenings in Liverpool over the years so there’s plenty more pictures to follow. Here’s one of our favourites from 2006…

Throw back time! The Milk Float by Jump Ship Rat during the Liverpool Biennial time in 2006. A milk float turned sonic junk street machine.

With the desire and laughter of consumerism, artists Ben Parry from Liverpool and Jacques Chauchat from Paris unite forces to create a sonic junk street machine. A fully charged 1975 Milk Float (retrieved from the milk float graveyard of dairy express) and the detritus of the city undergo a metamorphosis to become an orchestra of dischord; 45 cubic meters of kling, clunk, slash and boom create a peal of thunder.


There’s more cool videos of this and other Jump Ship Rat projects here on their website

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