This was broadcast last night,

This was broadcast last night, 5 originally said it was a 2 parter but it looks like they’ve reneged on that, will have to check next weeks schedules. So with only 23 minutes to cover the whole biennial they made the best of it I think. Inevitably they focussed on the Tate, John Moores, Bluecoat, Bloombergs and a few high-profile internationals like the ‘abba house’ and the obligitory Yoko (its for John) interview with several almost subliminal shots of other stuff.
Tim Marlow does seem genuinely enthusiastic and supportive of what’s going on here and the lasting effect this event has on the city, he even predicted that by 2008 when it coincides with capital of culture it could be the best Biennial/Biennale in the world!
(Edit) Bit disappointed not to see myself on film, I was there! But I did spot young local artist Rebecca Ward (famous for her ‘broken glass’ installations at FACT’s Cafe) & boyfriend.
Hi Becky.