This afternoon I went to the talk at FACT given by Marsha Meskimmon responding to the works by Jill Magid and Yang Fudong as well as the effect of Biennials on the cities that host them. Marsha is an academic so used lots of big words, ‘Corporeal’ seemed to be her word of the day, but I think I followed it :), she used slides (old technology!) to illustrate the talk.
On Thursday I joined in the SPLICE live webcast debate at the Door in Hanover St. discussing Art and the Community, the importance of the Biennial and Capital of Culture etc. I’ll have to be careful, I’m starting to take it all too seriously.

Ritual Bodies – again

Last night I went back to the Walker for the evening catalogue launch and performances by the Ritual Bodies group of artists. The singing gallery guard led us round and sang about the works, Philip Davenport recited his Heart Shape Pornography poem and there was a performance involving a lot of chewing gum. I still have the songs stuck in my head.