…there’s a Cathedral. But also, there’s University buildings, I went to JMU Gallery at no 68 as the Art Rosenbaum exhibition was due to have been replaced by something else last week. But Art’s art was still there! So I don’t know what’s happened but I did listen to John J Campbell’s ‘Walk’ which is a 10 min. audio piece, the headphones are on the wall just outside the gallery. I’d missed it last time. Its a series of 600 one-second audio snapshots recorded round the city, I only listened to about 30 of them.
So then I walked to the other end of Hope St. to the Uni Centre for Continuing Education (or Lifelong Learning or whatever they’re calling it this week! I remember when it was called Extension Studies) which to be precise is 126 Mt Pleasant. In the Library there is a show called ‘TEXTS’ by the poet Jim Bennett. I had trouble finding things at first but the Library Assistant, Margaret, was very helpful. There are 3 wooden panels with poems or ideas for poems or doodles etc. pasted to them. There’s also a model of a volcano with the text of a poem spiraling up it, you have to rotate the volcano a few times to follow it. I enjoyed that. One of the boards is covered with printouts of some of Jim’s onehundreddaily pieces which is an exercise he starts with each day writing exactly one hundred words. You can see these on his blog at http://onehundreddaily.blogspot.com/
Then in the evening I went to the final talk at Loop as promised. It was another good one this time given by Julie Jones who has exhibited a lot locally and is now based at Arena Studios.
Looking back it seems I forgot to mention that I went to Jason Thompson’s talk last Friday too but it was a hectic night I couldn’t stay to the end. His is the picture that’s hinged, I mentioned it weeks ago