Liverpool Shakespeare Festival 2009

Liverpool Shakespeare Festival 2009 from Richard Adams on Vimeo.

Great to see the Liverpool Shakespeare Festival is back again this year. they had a really hard time in 2008 with the awful weather and vandalism spoiling their performances in the Cathedral grounds. This year they’re indoors at Novas CUC and St George’s Hall. Get your tickets now.

The Liverpool Shakespeare Festival 2009

‘There are two sides to every story . . .’

The Liverpool Shakespeare Festival is the North West’s best-known annual theatre event. The festival was successfully introduced with an acclaimed production of ‘Macbeth’ in the summer of 2007, attracting many thousands of visitors and selling out Liverpool Cathedral. In 2008, it hosted Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and their beautiful production of ‘A Winter’s Tale’ along with an outdoor cinema and Lodestar’s production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which attracted rave reviews from local and national press.

Lodestar Theatre Company – a Liverpool-based arts organisation with charitable status, which was formed by Artistic Director Max Rubin in 2006, presents the festival. Working only with artists and practitioners from Liverpool and the North West, Lodestar’s work is characterised by a clear, dynamic acting style, innovative design and imaginative use of space. With The Liverpool Shakespeare Festival, they present Shakespeare’s greatest plays as living, breathing texts for a 21st century audience.

For 2009, Lodestar will produce their most exciting season yet at two unique and very different venues. From 10-23rd August they present ‘Hamlet’ at St George’s Hall, and from 1-13th Sept, ‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead’ by Tom Stoppard at Novas Contemporary Urban Centre. On 12-13th Sept, they will perform both plays ‘back-to-back’ using the same cast for both shows.


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