Hamlet Review Number 10 by Stuart Ian Burns

Stuart Ian Burns, a.k.a. the Feeling Listless blogger also contributes to various other blogs including this one and has a few other bloggy projects on the go.
One rather curious one is his Hamlet blog, in which he reviews performances of Hamlet. Thats it and as ever, even if you’re not a fan of the subject matter, his writings are a good read.
His latest (the 10th) review is of a recent production by ‘off the ground’ youth theatre at the Cathedral Crypt.

After some first night hiccups with the lighting and background noise and when to begin the performance what developed was one of the most passionate and engrossing readings of the play I’ve seen in a while, thematically focused and wonderfully staged. If the sound of foot traffic on the stage and the acoustics of the hall sometimes got in the way of the verse (now and then voices would be lost in the back of those domes) the sheer belief in the text and the quality of the performances from the young cast more than made up for it.

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