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culturepool & The Write Now Festival (26th March – 3rd April) – 20/03/2010

We’re very excited about the start of the International Write Now Festival, Liverpool’s first annual One Act Play Festival on Friday 26th March. As well as being supporters of the festival, culturepool went a long to the press night on the 4th March with a group of culturepool members to choose which plays we should watch.

Over a chat and a drink we couldn’t decide on one clear favourite, but ended up with three; The Dressmaker’s Gift, Pippin Hal and Under My Skin, which are all very different and interesting plays. So we’ve decided to do all three! With each of the three plays we’ve organised a post-show chat with the writer and cast and a reduced ticket cost for every single performance of all eight plays in the festival for culturepool members! Check out the Festival Brochure for the full schedule.

We hoping this will be the start of successful festival promoting new writing in Liverpool and we’d love if you’d join us, starting next Sunday 28th at 5.30pm. Click here for more details.