Alice In Wonderland wedding ring and pin

So, thanks to the trusty Google Calendar I remembered to go to my wedding on Saturday and what a fantastic day it was. The weather wasn’t brilliant but the rain just couldn’t force its way through all the beaming smiles that surrounded us all day. That will certainly be one of the lasting memories, that so many people were there and all so genuinely happy for us both. A big thank you from Minako and me to everyone who was there or sent us messages, so many lovely people

Of course, we were a bit nervous but it was a reasonably relaxed and informal do, we just wanted people to have a fun day. I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much but I don’t really care anyway.

As I don’t wear rings, we thought it would be a cool idea to exchange a ring and a pin (as I do like badges). There was a bit of a problem getting the pin onto my lapel (it went fine in rehearsals) but we think they look great together. Our friend the local jewellery maker Alice Hughes created them for us.

The reception at Blackburne House went very well, the staff were very good and the food was excellent, it was all vegetarian or vegan and everybody, even the most carnivorous guests, agreed it was delicious.

We have to thank Nicole Bartos for helping us decorate the hall and Eri for the bouquet and lots of other people who helped including Minako’s team of dress, hair and make-up people. It takes hours to get into that beautiful kimono you know. I was left on my own to try and make myself look the true dandy that I am.

So now its back to the old routine of updating the website and blogging about art in Liverpool.
There will, of course, be loads more pictures up on the website somewhere in a few days.

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