The Ship & Mitre: feat. Shepherds of Cats & Hanslip/Wilberg/Cheetham Trio

postcard_bc38_bwhiteb copy8 July 2015


£5 / 3

Shepherds of Cats

  • Aleksander Olszewski – percussion, voice
  • Adam Webster – cello, looper, voice
  • Jan Fanfare – clavinet D6, voice, looper, harmonica
  • Darek Błaszczak – singing bowls and glass kitchen stuff
  • Panelak – electronics
  • VJ Petrushka  –  video projections

Shepherds of Cats is a Wroclaw (PL)-based Anglo Polish band exploring the outer limits of good taste and pushing the limits of what should be considered acceptable. Their compositions are created in real time, though sometimes time, like good taste and sense, is suspended. They are hunter gatherers – hunting and gathering sounds and re-appropriating them in sometimes inappropriate manners. They are well mannered and well-meaning. They have shame but no ego.

Hanslip / Wilberg / Cheetham

  • Mark Hanslip – tenor saxophone
  • Otto Wilberg – double bass
  • Andrew Cheetham – drums and percussion

Formed in Manchester in Autumn 2014 and bringing together 3 of the most exciting talents from the north’s improvised music scene, Hanslip / Wilberg / Cheetham bring their respective backgrounds in jazz, contemporary classical and rock music to the table, resulting in a fresh take on the classic saxophone/bass/drums formation.

This gig will form part of a run of UK dates, their first public performances since the group’s inception.

The Ship & Mitre 133 Dale Street, Liverpool L3 2JH