unnamed21 September  2014


£5.00 & £3.00

ABC Trio: David Birchall: guitar, Sam Andreae: sax, Andrew Cheetham: drumset

Drawn from backgrounds in classical music, DIY autodidacticism and post punk the trio covers ground from grind-jazz freakout to delicate spiritual drones and minimalist pauses. The individuals in the group learned how to play music through diverse means: indie rock, noise and classical educations. The trio now meets at an open point to listen and play together. They have toured the UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and will travel to Switzerland at the end of September. Their first release, a tape on Manchester’s Tombed Visions label, is forthcoming.

Plus Support from Paul Pignon (Sweden/UK)


www.improvisersnetwork.co.uk/bc/2014/bc33.htm / soundcloud.com/davidmbirchall/sam-andreae-david-birchall

Blank Canvas is creative | contemporary | risk taking | new music on Merseyside
Curators : Mark Hanslip & Phil Morton / blankcanvas@improvisersnetwork.co.uk / @YBlankCanvas

The Ship & Mitre, 133 Dale Street, Liverpool L3 2JH