unnamed29 March 2015


£5 / £3

Phil Morton writes, in January we had an enjoyable trip to the Bluecoat with the excellent international trio 876 headlining a lovely evening.  This March we return to the Ship & Mitre for more fine beer and fine sounds, we have: Hugs, Howling and a dash of simplicity for your listening pleasure. Join us.

HowlingBeast replaces the previous listing of Concrete Bunker.

Hugs Bison 

Hailing from Cumbria, Hugs Bison are a technology-driven duo exploring the frontiers of smart technology, pushing tablets and apps to the limit to create cinematic, multi-faceted improvised soundscapes.

The duo are Phil Powell and Shaun Blezard, one a technologist with a passion for music, the other a musician with a passion for technology.

Together they are exploring smart technology, how this can make music, and pushing the boundaries of online presentation of music.

HowlingBeast (Andrew Leslie Hooker & Christof Spanring)

Electronics/trumpet duo on the cutting edge of electroacoustic improvisation

A duo musically grounded in ecstatic jazz, noise, drone and Studio d’Essai concrète and specializing in a particularly austere, yet expressionist form of micro/macro gestural improvisation.

Influenced in part by Martin Esslin’s take on absurdist theatre and the experimental loft scene of 1960’s NYC and utilizing Eno/Schmidt’s “oblique strategy” techniques, the as yet unrecorded duo’s live set resembles nothing less than a randomly constructed, multi-textural voyage into the deformed spacetime of post-human “Sturm und Drang”.

Personnel: Andrew Leslie Hooker (no-input mixer)

Christof Spanring (trumpet)

Phil Morton (solo)

Local artist Phil Morton will also be contributing a short solo set performing an excerpt, page 22,  from Eric Wilson’s infamous treatise “The Challenge of simplicity” this page features “exploring the sonic challenges of granite”.

The Ship & Mitre 133 Dale Street, Liverpool L3 2JH