The private view at 32 Seel St last night was fun. Apart from the excellent artwork which I’ve already mentioned (remember the singing irons) there was wine, music, the inevitable wierd performances and lots of nice people. ‘Doll Man’ (Gary Sollars) was there of course and I now have a doll man mask to add to my collection of Biennial memorabilia. I should wear it all the time, it hides the wrinkles

Its a Drag

Not Biennial but is linked to Hello Sailor as part of Homotopia is this exhibition at the Mathew St gallery. There are large colour photos by Dave Evans and Marni of people in drag – loads of thick make-up and wigs. This gallery normally specialises in Beatles pictures but has other groups as well so at the end of a row of drag queens there’s a picture of Queen which could easily be part of the drag exhib, I wonder if that was deliberate.