Still a couple of places left for this week’s Cooperative Tour

A free 3-hour mini-bus tour of Liverpool’s thriving arts scene, led and narrated by a cast of artists, poets and curators from The Cooperative – the city’s foremost art’s collectives together for the 2010 Liverpool Biennial.

Leaving from The Cooperative
The Old Paint Shop, 28-32 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 4EF

To book email or text 07877660150

The Cooperative
Paul Westcombe
Wall murals, installations and collage subvert and colonize The Cooperative into a space of phantasmagorical moments

Arena Gallery
Tales from the Woods
A new enigmatic work by Teresa Wilson, looking looks at traditional fairy tales within the context of the historical building in which Arena Gallery is housed. Charming on the surface, fairy tales have a darker subtext, relating to our own human fears and anxieties. Upon entering, the viewer is invited to explore a darkly playful alternative reality, and to let it take them on their own emotional and imaginative journey.

The Royal Standard
With a good glug of irony and a sarcastic nod, DEADPAN, gives a kick up the arse to the utter mess of an art world at a point of oversaturation by questioning strategies used by artists to make new work.  Considering mimicry and the referential alongside the blatancy of homage, DEADPAN presents with barefaced cheek a ‘pastichised’ viewpoint of art with lampooning consequences; providing a glimpse into the dirty world of satire within contemporary art today.

Plus guided studio visits at Arena, The Royal Standard and Red Wire.