biennial-curatorial-team-adelphi-64057 July 2015


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Liverpool Biennial 2016 will be composed of episodes. An episode can take its cue from a place, a story, or time: one episode might be for children, another set in Chinatown, or another might take place as a live event. One episode will take place within a single day. That day needs a date – it could be in the recent past, or the distant future – but it could also exist as a multiple: after all, every year has a 7th July in it.

Which date should we pick? Please join our Curatorial Faculty for an open discussion, and help us decide. We welcome ideas from everyone, so please bring your suggestion, and a clear rationale as to why we should pick that specific date. We will have facilities to show images.

The discussion will take place in the Bluecoat Upstairs bistro and all are welcome.

This is the fourth in a series of public conversations that exposes and proposes ways of working towards Liverpool Biennial in 2016.