The Banners are up and

The Banners are up and strange things are starting to appear on the streets of Liverpool.

The bomb is in Wood St. I think the artist is trying to tell us this area often looks like its just been bombed. Bit obvious that 🙂
(Edit) OK, I was wrong. Happily the artist has a much more optimistic view. The Bomb thing is called ‘Seed’ and suggests the potential for regeneration that follows destruction. In May 1941, 681 enemy planes dropped 870 tonnes of high explosives and over 112,000 firebombs on Liverpool. Read more at ic Liverpool – Bomb will signify Seed of renewal

And, Oh Dear, Yoko Ono’s trying to be controversial again with pictures of tits and, er, things. The title is My Mummy was Beautiful. Most people on the streets don’t notice these signs but the staff of M&S were itching to get out there and measure up for bra (34C I reckon) and pants.