Terry Duffy’s work at the Loop Gallery is called ‘RS Thomas Triptych’. I hadn’t really noticed the title and had completely forgotten who RS Thomas was even though I have ‘Penguin Modern Poets 1’ which contains nearly 30 of his poems. So I’m glad I went to Terry’s talk tonight as I learned not only about how he created the painting but also about the poet and why the artist was fascinated by him to such an extent he felt compelled to create an abstract representation of him. Fascinating.
I’ve blown the dust off the poetry book and am re-reading the verses now, god they’re awful, no wonder I’d forgotten them. Bloody good painting though.

Tomorrow there’s the final talk from Julie Jones, if I make it I’ll have been to all 6 talks which is good for me as I haven’t been to many others recently. Just 1 at FACT and a couple of the SPLICE live debates, Monday evenings will be quite dull from now on.