Journey-to-the-Lower-World-100WEDNESDAY 27 October 2010, 13.00 at Walker Art Gallery
Journey to the Lower World , screening at the Walker Art Gallery, is a recent purchase made through the Contemporary Art Society’s Acquisitions Scheme. Taking place within the gallery amongst the Walker Collection, this artists’ talk/performance will mark the screening of the work and its’ introduction in to the internationally renowned collection. To book please call 0151 478 4697.

The work arose from Further Up in the Air, a residency programme for artists in Liverpool’s Sheil Park estate in 2003. In the film residents from Linosa Close, a tower block awaiting demolition, watch with a mixture of anxiety, faith and good humour as Coates performs a shamanic ritual. Dressed in a deer skin and uttering eerie, animalistic grunts, he attempts to answer the emotive question put to him by his audience: “Do we have a protector for this site? What is it?”

Journey to the Lower World will be on display at the Walker Art Gallery during the Liverpool Biennial (17 Sept to 28 November 2010).

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