SOUP, group

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  All in Group have BA in Fine art. Some are post graduates

Painting / Sculpture/ Photography and Printmaking



Soup was set up in 2001, by a group of artists who all work together. The group has been in a constant state of flux over the years, while some members have left to do other things, others have joined in their place.



Exhibitions by Soup have included, The Hanover, Egg Cafe, Senate House, Hope, 5a Gallery, and the Hospitality Room at Tate Liverpool.

Last year, the group joined up with staff from the Walker, to show their work at the Albany in Liverpool, during the Biennial.

As well as a Huge series of exhibitions planned for the 2008, Soup will be joined with staff from The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds for an exchange show.

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Cathy Hibbert
Julie Robson
Louise Waller
Roger Sinek

Wendy Williams