So, early evening I go

So, early evening I go to the Walker to see the John Moores. Loads of good stuff here, thought the first-prize winning pic was a bit dull to be honest but love some of the other award winners. Also had a look at The Stuckists Punk Victorian while I was there, worth a visit.

I then had to dash across town to get to the Bluecoat in time for the Beethoven & the Headbangers. Glad I made it, it was great fun

Then a quick look at the exhibition here which included a video of the Headbangers and Aleks Danko’s ‘Rolling Home’, these are small blue houses made out of vinyl (I think) which were rolled through the city centre before being placed inside.

Now to the Tate

where the top two floors are dedicated to Biennial works. I particularly like ‘Swirl’ by Valeska Soares, this is a sort of infinite ballroom because its all mirrored, there are 3 large chandeliers in the middle and a couple of people were performing. Also the Curator Game looks fascinating, I will have return to see the game being played Details

The long walk back up Jamaica St. in the dark is a bit spooky but worth it. The Bloomberg New Contemporaries fill The Coach Shed

I didn’t see any coaches but there is a tank parked outside!

Anyway, there’s many varied artworks here for your enjoyment and amusement. At the far end of the road (Greenland St.) is The Blade Factory which is the new home to the Jump Ship Rat gallery which I’ll return to at a later date.
The other end of Greenland St. is The Buddleia Building

cant think why its called that! Again, loads of stuff here, including “We go Round and Round in the Night and are Consumed by Fire” by FLUX; works from Transvoyeur (Anglo American Cultural Programme) and “Journeys By River City Artists”

The next street is New Bird St. where I saw ‘The Transparent Eyeball’ which includes this lovely greenhouse

and Cory Arcangel was performing his ‘Beige’ nintendo music

Next door is ‘Footprintsinthesnow’ or ‘FunnelVision’ a sort of Museum in a Wardrobe by Rick Myers.

The bars were cunningly disguised as ice cream vans so it was a long time before I got a drink but made up for it and got home very late and had nightmares about a group of giant bats singing and dancing to ‘Bat out of Hell’!