Ship and Mitre: Ripsaw Catfish at Blank Canvas

unnamed30 November 2014

Ripsaw Catfish is Anton Hunter (guitar) and Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone). The Manchester and London-based duo formed in 2013 to explore improvised and composed music, and whatever lies between those things. They employ a collection of pre-composed elements which can be drawn upon, or not, during the course of an improvisation. Sometimes one of these acts as a starting point that is then deconstructed; other times one or more might emerge from the music, or else they might be omitted in favour of a fully improvised piece.

In Autumn 2014 they are embarking on Shoaling, a UK tour with a collaborative focus. The duo will assemble ad hoc ensembles (‘shoals’) of improvising musicians from each location to play spontaneous sets of new music informed by, incorporating or ignoring the Ripsaw Catfish composed material.

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Twitter: @ripsawcatfish

Support: first-time duo of Mark Hanslip (tenor saxophone) and Johnny Hunter (drums) who will also be ‘Shoaling’ with Ripsaw Catfish!

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