SCREENING: Intervilles at Wolstenholmes Project

Intervilles-100FRIDAY 26 February 2010, 20.30 onwards at Wolstenholmes Creative Space
Wolstenholme Creative Space presents ‘Intervilles’- an evening of weird and wonderful video art drawing together work from artists hailing from France’s prestigious Grenoble school of art.Curated by the gallery’s guest artist Leo Durand, the evening aims to bring a slice of the Grenoble art scene to Liverpool where a screening of different practices can inspire and generate exchanges between the viewer and the art. Come and sample contemporary French video art at its best!

Intervilles will be a evening video-screening, drawing together work from artists who are or have been making work at the art school in Grenoble.

Why is that simple and delightful ?

Far from thinking that there is a way of making art that is specific to Grenoble or Liverpool, we would like rather to take advantage of our stay in this British town to show a sample of work from the art scene in Grenoble, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to make this happen at the Wolstenholme Project. This is not intended to promote the artistic identity of a territory or a space but more simply to find a way of focussing on a place where different practices can orbit and try to generate exchanges around this, with studio members from Wolstenholme Projects and other viewers.

Back in Grenoble later this year, we’d like to return the favour with a second episode, showing Liverpool artists’ work in Grenoble.

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