As you will be aware this coming Sunday sees the end of Liverpool Biennial, and the end of an extraordinary performance at A Foundation.

Sachiko Abe has been performing Cut Papers since the very beginning of the Biennial, making her first cut way back on the 17th September. Since then she has diligently performed for six days each week, for a total of 4 and a half hours a day, totalling sixty days of cutting all together, which adds up to a staggering 270 hours of performance time.

A Foundation invite you to come and watch Sachiko’s last performance in Liverpool between 4 and 5:30pm on Sunday 28th November and give her a well deserved round of applause at 5:30.

To celebrate this momentous occasion A Foundation will be providing free delicious and WARMING homemade mulled wine in our café bar between 4 and 6pm, and it would nice to see you there.