temper-100FRIDAY 18 February 18-20.00 at Rennies. Rennies Gallery are proud and privileged to showcase the exclusive original studio works of museum, public graffiti artist Temper who is destined to become the credible alternative to Banksy in the years to come.

Although there have been offers flowing in from fine art galleries across the world, to date Temper has almost exclusively only sold his original work in Birmingham. Now he is ready to impact the fine art world globally under a carefully assembled management team.

We can virtually guarantee that you will not be able to find Tempers original work anywhere as it has all been sold.

Due to our personal relationship with his new manager we have secured a selection of his studio works prior providing a very special opportunity for you.

On Friday 18th, February 18:00 – 20:00 we will be holding an exclusive event where we are delighted to announce that Temper will be here in person to discuss the his work, his current museum projects and his future global plans.

The original pioneer of graffiti art, 11 successive sell-out collections, a string of high profile collectors, with designs on 100 million drinks cans worldwide – Temper is a groundbreaking artist with a rawness and creativity second-to-none.
The graffiti King

Temper put graffiti art firmly on the map in 1996 with his sell-out solo project ‘Footsteps’. Since then, the British-born artist’s career has gone from strength to strength, designing a set of limited edition Sprite cans in 2001 as part of a street-culture campaign. Temper’s urban designs featured on 100 million cans across the globe, breaking the mould and paving the way for street art to enter cultural consciousness. As the first ever graffiti artist to exhibit in a public museum, his ‘Minute Man’ collection attracted a record-breaking 38,000 visitors in just three weeks.

Venue Details

Accidentally on Purpose – Temper.