Re-Touched at the Cooperative

'Craving' by Lee Donnelly

All photos by Minako Jackson

coop-text-150The current (and final) Cooperative exhibition for the Biennial is ‘Re-Touched‘ curated by Natalie Bennett from the Arena studios. It’s ‘The culmination of an exchange of ideas across The Cooperative. A previously unrealised project from one artist/practitioner is resurrected and handed over to another to interpret and realise.’ It seems the artists involved really enjoyed the challenge of creating something (often very different from their own practice) responding to another artist’s ideas.

This work by Lee Donnelly is interesting, there are over 600 cookies made from clay, water, flour, salt and veg shortening. They are edible but taste awful and based on the process used in Haiti where mud is processed into cookies and sold as food in markets. Each one is inscribed with ‘Deeds not Words’ the epitaph on the grave of Emily Davison the women’s suffrage activist who died in 1913 after being trampled by King George V’s horse in the Epsom Derby.

There’s a lot of good work here, the viewing is tonight (Friday) and it ends on Sunday 28 November.

Artists Include: Emma Summer, Lee Donnelly, Pam Sullivan, Steve Barrett, Tony Smith, Peter Dover, Erica Hamilton, Kate Fielding, Danny John, Rob Edwards, Carol Ramsay, Alan Jones, Rosalind Hargreaves, Anna Ketskemety, Sarah Jane Richards, Natalie Bennett.

Emma Sumner
Emma Sumner

re-touch-4 re-touch-5

Anna Ketskemety and Natalie Bennett

Kate Fielding
Kate Fielding