Variety Arts Show in November

Amanda DeAngeles is organising another variety Arts show, this time at the First National Wine Bar in James St. on November 10th.
Amanda says….

Please go to this link and click on Showtime and Forthcoming….

There are still performance spaces left 5/10/15 minutes each depending on the type of act.

If anyone would like to display a big painting contact me.

The theme of the night is ‘Money. . .or lack of it.’, (as this bar was formerly a bank).

New music, dance, drama students will be considered first.

Any student who wishes to film the show please contact me.

If you like karaoke, but prefer to sing without a word prompt, and can bring a CD along with you (or not) to sing along with. There may be open performance space at the end of the show.
Or, if you think you are funny and want to try stand-up. . .
Register pre. 8pm.

Thank you


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