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Tonight’s Viewings At View Two and 34A Slater St

Jon Pountain – ’80, 82 or 86′ at View Two, Mathew Street
LIVERPOOL based artist Jon Pountain will be showing a collection of pastel landscapes that explore the city’s southern streets and parks.

Jon’s work depicts scenes linked by the bus routes, in the title of the exhibition, that join Aigburth to Garston, Toxteth to Allerton. Fastening his eye to the reality around him, Jon has captured the magic of the everyday with a compelling realism and sensitivity.
Viewing Wed Oct 25 18.00 – late
Exhibition runs until November 25 2006

‘ Return of the Silent Traveller’ by Weng Fen. Solo Show at 34A Slater Street.

Weng Fen (aka. Weng Peijun) is rapidly establishing an international reputation through the quality and variety of his work, which ranges from massive installations constructed from thousands of eggs to stunning photographs of viewers transfixed by the spectacle of metropolitan or the natural sublime. In these varied ways Weng’s work reflects the rapidly changing nature of Chinese society and the country’s changing perception of itself.

The massive recent international interest in contemporary art from China is vivid testimony to the fact that China’s economic and industrial burgeoning augurs something even greater in the century ahead. The present situation has many parallels with how America was perceived by the old countries of Western Europe in the years after WWII and, once again, many outsiders view the emerging picture with a mixture of fascination and anxiety.
Viewing Wed Oct 25 18.00 – 20.00
Exhibition runs until November 12 2006