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Screening of NOSTALGIA at Arena Tonight – Nov 22

nostalgia1.jpgTonight there will be a rare screening of Hollis Frampton’s film Nostalgia (1971) USA, 31 mins, 16mm at Arena Gallery, 82/84 Duke St, L1
as part of the programme of events for the Bracket This III exhibition.

Frampton’s film marks a point of transition in his career as an artist as he moves from photography to film and expresses the difference between the two media. Photographic images are placed on to an electric hotplate, as they burn into nothingness a narrator reminisces about the subjects they record. Still images (memories) appear and then are destroyed in fire, as the 16mm projector whirs at 24 frames per second, impossibly fast to recognise any single frames.

Also – Lawrence Jordon’s beautifully surreal animation inspired by Joseph Cornell’s ‘Boxes’ – Our Lady of the Sphere, USA, 1969, 10 mins, 16mm, – ‘The mystical Lady with the orbital head moves through the carnival of life in a Surreal Adventure’. (

The screening will start at 21.00

Before the programme there will be a screening of a new film by Dave Bamford.