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NOISE! opens at View Two on Thursday 14th

noiselogo-1.gifJudy Louise Jacob (23), Chris Boyd (21), Kevin Hunt (23) and Chris Rice (21) are making as much ‘NOISE’ as possible, ahead of their exhibition for the Liverpool Biennial. The four team-mates have been brought together by www.noisefestival.com the UK’s first ‘virtual’ cross-media showcase of young creative talent to plan, stage and promote a fine art exhibition in the heart of the city and as part of a documentary experiment for the BBC.

Artist Stella Vine, the festival’s Fine Arts Curator has set the NOISE team a challenge to find the venue, curate and promote their exhibition in just a month with a budget of only £500. The experiment is designed to show the team’s originality and creativity in pulling together such an ambitious project in such a short time on such a tight budget.

The NOISE team met for the first time on August 14th, and the show is set to open on September 14th at View Two Gallery, Mathew Street, and Korova Bar on Wood Street. Their endeavors were filmed throughout, complete with diary room thoughts, and will be broadcast in two programmes on BBC 2.

The young graduates were selected for their past experiences and the complementary skills they could bring to the group. “To be involved with the NOISE Festival exhibition is such a great opportunity for all of us” stated Chris Rice (21) who graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in July. “Each team member has a great range of skills: my marketing experience, Kevin’s local arts knowledge plus Chris and Judy both have the previous know-how to work events and exhibitions. It is very exciting to be working with each other!”

“On paper, this is an impossible challenge”, said Judy. “I mean £500 and one month? It shouldn’t work but we will make it work. We are determined to prove that it can be done.”

“All the people we have asked for help have been brilliant” said Chris Rice. “Our first exhibition space fell through at the last minute, but View Two gallery stepped in to help us.”

“We have had our arguments” added Kevin, “but after all the late nights and efforts we have gone through for this event, we are proud with what we have and we are very excited about it. It’ll be great. We hope!”

The NOISE Festival art exhibition will be held at two Liverpool venues: the art works at the View Two gallery on Mathew Street from September 14th – October 21st, and digital representations and videos at Korova Bar on Wood Street from September 14th – 21st.
Opening hours are 11am – 6pm.
Entry is free of charge. For further information-
www.noisefestival.com or see