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Midsummer Dreams – Creative Health – June 21st

midsummer dreamsMidsummer Dreams

A celebration of creative health and well being. An opportunity to renew existing friendships and make new ones across the health and creative sectors in a friendly and interactive setting.

This magical and inspiring event will take place on Wednesday 21st June 06, Midsummer’s Day, at St Bride’s Church, Catherine Street, Liverpool 8 from 12 noon til 8pm.

This is an event for people working or being cared for in health, social care and non-statutory settings to meet with people from arts, creative and cultural areas of work.

Creative health includes for example: the use of the arts, links with culture and heritage (such as museums, theatres, art galleries, orchestra and choirs, cinema and libraries), local, seasonal and nurturing food, creative design and use of the environment in care settings, comedy and laughter – in order to promote, enhance and maintain health and well being.

Please drop in to see exhibits, performance, join a workshop and share some healthy and gorgeous food. You will be able to enjoy music and dance, write and share a poem, benefit from a de-stressing hand massage and take a reflective walk along a labyrinth.

The event will also provide an opportunity to launch a creative health network in Liverpool.
The event is organised by Wild Woman, supported and funded by the Liverpool Culture Company and created by a group collaboration between representatives from the NHS, Liverpool City Council, Arts Groups, Patient Forums and Representatives and Liverpool Culture Company.