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‘Journey With Restraints’ Saturday Nov 11

Journey_9-230.jpg‘Journey with Restraints’
an antithesis of human ascent,
(a project born of moral philosophy, folklore and Greek mythology).

Birgit R Deubner will walk with a large set of lead wings.
The planned route will be from behind the Fact Centre (the back, where the Cafe is..) to St Luke’s Church, where she will try and climb the steps.

The event will be filmed.
What day?: Saturday 11th Nov.
What time will it begin? : 13.30h
How long will it take? : maybe 20-35 minutes.
If it rains?: Same schedule.

Thank You to Peter Hagerty for filming the first walk,
and an advance Thank You to Sean Halligan for filming the second event, and Diana for being indispensable.
(And MFV for saving me four times over!!!)

Birgit R Deubner